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A Message from the Superintendent: Tragedy at Marshall County
Posted On:
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill
Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill

Yet again, our fears became reality this morning when information was shared on the tragic events claiming young innocent lives of students from the Marshall County community. With an aching heart, I am offering my sincerest condolences to those impacted by this horrific incident and asking you to keep the community in your thoughts and prayers in the days ahead. While we share in their heartache, most of us cannot begin to fathom what this town faces and the steps they will take in order to find healing and comfort.

Today’s event hit close to home and there is no doubt that the effects of this event are going to continue to unfold in the days ahead. There are lots of questions, fear, worry, speculation and confusion. This is all very normal. At CCPS, we want to do our very best to keep our schools a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

Communication is critical. Students and staff, we encourage you to utilize resources made available by the school and/or district. We have a great team of guidance counselors, social workers, school based therapists and others who are readily available. Parents if safety is a concern for you, we invite you to speak to leadership teams within the schools. Safety is a regular conversation here at CCPS. Each day brings about new information and ways to improve upon ways to keep our schools safe.

As a community, let’s rally together and support one another, but especially Marshall County. Let’s hug our loved ones tight and pray over the town of Benton, KY.

Parents, guardians and staff members, please find additional resources provided by Kentucky's Center for Safe Schools. KCSS is an excellent resource to consider: