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September Faculty/Staff of the Month
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Congrats to the 2 staff members of the Month for September:

Certified-Bianca Crockam-English 3-she is persistent, relentless, and vocal-but she has gotten results with her assigned students-her data speaks for itself in On-Demand Writing, AP English, and last year's Junior ACT test scores-great job-it's good to recognize a staff member for data that represents increased levels of student achievement!  Learning is happening in room 317!

Classified-Jean Trapp-FMD Aide-I appreciate Mrs. Trapp always reading emails, asking questions, and her high rate of attendance.  This summer when we had some teacher changes in the FMD department, Mrs. Trapp was cooperative and reassuring with her approach to the school year-she stated she was prepared to help out and do whatever is necessary for our students.


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