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November staff of the month
Posted On:
Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Certified-Leigh Glass because of her work in our new program Focus and Finish.  She has graduated at least 5 students (Seniors) this year, and is rolling them in and out as we speak.  She asks for little assistance, is self-reliant, and finds ways to motivate even the toughest of her students (especially when they want to just give up!)  Thanks Leigh for all you do at CCHS and for making the transition at CCHS a seamless one!



Classified-Jannette Keith-she has been everywhere this year-helping with ICU, in the guidance department, and in the front office.  We appreciate her flexibility, her hard work, and her willingness to support the mission and do whatever it takes to help out her fellow Colonel!  Thank you Ms. Keith-we appreciate you and you have been a great addition to the Colonel Family!



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