Mission Statement


Vision and Mission Statement

CCHS provides a safe learning environment where graduates are prepared academically and socially to be successful in college or a career and as a productive citizen.

  •  All CCHS students have the potential to be successful and will be challenged to reach that potential.
  • All CCHS students will gain the confidence and tools needed to be successful as graduates.
  • All decisions will be based on data and the best interests of our students.
  • Our school will appreciate, respect and celebrate student diversity.
  • All CCHS students will have an adult advocate and know someone cares for them.
  • Instruction is driven by standards-based learning.
  • When all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and community are involved, “Together, We’re Better!”

  “Together, We’re Better!”

About The School


Site Based Decision Making Council Members (23-24)

Kevin Crider - Principal

Shanan Fowler- Teacher

Teresa Seeger  - Teacher

Eleonora Cincotti - Teacher

Tamarsha Beckem - Parent

 Mary Beth Lacy- Parent



Principal's Corner