Mission Statement




Vision and Mission Statement


CCHS provides a safe learning environment where graduates are prepared academically and socially to be successful in college or a career and as a productive citizen.


·      All CCHS students have the potential to be successful and will be challenged to reach that potential.

·      All CCHS students will gain the confidence and tools needed to be successful as graduates.

·      All decisions will be based on data and the best interests of our students.

·      Our school will appreciate, respect and celebrate student diversity.

·      All CCHS students will have an adult advocate and know someone cares for them.

·      Instruction is driven by standards-based learning.

·      When all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and community are involved, “Together, We’re Better!”

"Together, We're Better!"

About The School

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Christian County High School

2022-2023 Contact List

Matthew Boehman, Principal                                             270-498-9846



Josh Cook, Teacher Representative                               



Shanan Fowler, Teacher Representative



Kamarr Richee, Teacher Representative



Mary Beth Lacy, Parent Representative



ShaTera Babb, Parent Representative                         




Tammy Celing, Secretary               270-887-7050 ext.78960


Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner

Parents, Students, and Visitors,

Welcome to the Christian County High School website.  As you navigate the pages on this site, please keep these three words in mind: opportunity, tradition, and legacy.  

The students at CCHS have access to a rigorous core curriculum that allows them the opportunity to explore and plan for their academic and career goals. Since 1959, CCHS has a rich tradition of graduating students that are socially prepared to become productive citizens.

When you speak to Christian County alumni, many of them will tell you that the academic and social experiences they had at CCHS prepared them for their future success.  They might also speak of teachers who provided inspiration and fellow classmates that provided support and understanding. At CCHS, our students take care of each other, and we are proud of the legacy of CCHS  graduates taking their knowledge and skills out into the community / world to make a difference.  

Matthew Boehman, Principal

School Report Card 2020-2021

School Report Card